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Infuse culture with fashion one piece at a time. African culture is nothing to be ashamed of. It's simply who we are. Authentic, custom, unique, and 100% meticulously crafted.

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Graduating Soon?

Create Your Custom Graduation Sash with Menogu Designs!

Add design and cultural pride to your special day. Step confidently into the next chapter of your life while representing your heritage in a unique way with a customized graduation sash. Perfect for individuals and groups/organizations

I love African culture and fashion. I was thrilled when I opened the package and saw the beautiful Ankara fabric and the intricate design!


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African print graduation sash

Graduation Season

All your hard work has paid off and the only thing missing is a special memorable piece to tie the whole experience together. Well, let's talk about it. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!
The Merch: Gotta Represent!

The Merch: Gotta Represent!

One of the elements that sets our brand apart is the iconic Menogu Designs logo – a symbol of chic, class, and refined aesthetics, meticulously designed with culture in mind. From distinctive shape...
Celebrating 10 Years in Business

Celebrating 10 Years in Business

A journey that started in college has now blossomed into a flourishing business spanning a remarkable ten years! As Nigerians would say, "10 years no be beans!" In summary - it's not easy!